Dunross Capital Inc. is a real estate merchant bank focused on multifamily real estate acquisitions and equity co-investments with our partners. Our equity partners/owners are typically, institutions, family office, international families and funds, and high net worth individuals.

Dunross’ process is to source deals and experienced local real estate sponsors.  The second step is to then manage the process all the way through the due diligence, negotiation and closing. Dunross will also typically co-invest in the deal with our equity partners.

We actively source and align with top quality sponsors in key markets that have the right demographic and economic growth trends. Some of our sponsors that collectively have acquired and manage over 15,000 units are as follows:

Southeast and Midwest

Atlanta Financial Group LLC, Lead by Greg Jones and his team , this experienced acquisition and operations group recently lead the acquisition, management and/or sale of over 8,000 units in the past 3 years for a large family office. They have closed on over 30 loans with Freddie and Fannie Mae and are one of the top HUD operating groups in the USA. Every property has hit its targets for IRR and performance. Excellent track record.

Sureste Partners L.P., The General Partner, Simon Leach, serves a dual role at Dunross, as a Managing Director, and overseas the assets under management. Currently hold over 800 units in Georgia, and South Carolina that are in the process of “value add” and distressed units that are under construction to bring back on line. Sureste often serves as a Co GP with other sponsors.

Coastline Group LLC. Located in Miami and specializing in Florida markets. Eyal Mehaber is the General Partner with over 2,000 units purchased and sold and currently over 2,000 units under ownership. All value added and repositioned.

Tzadik Management,, located in Miami and lead by Alex Arguelles and his team, with over $200 million AUM. Multifamily value add assets are in several states with a fully integrated property management company.